About Kris


  • Married to Kara Marie Paxton, we have two daughters ages 3 and 7
  • Army Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran – Kuwait ’06-’07
  • Resident & Home Owner in Fayetteville, Arkansas Ward 1
  • Campaigned for Ward 1 Position 1 City Council in 2018


  • American Sentinel University – Aurora Colorado
    • Master of Geospatial Information Systems
    • Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems
  • University of Arkansas Fort Smith
    • Associate’s Degree in Architectural CADD
    • Technical Certifications in Digital Design & GIS/GPS Mapping

Service & Experience

  • Over a decade of experience as a public servant
  • Worked in the private sector as a Draftsman with experience designing subdivisions, CIP projects for municipalities, various design work and drafting completed for Large Scale Developments, drainage improvements, and quality control
  • Currently the Senior Project Designer for a local city in NWA
    • Six years experience as a Floodplain Administrator
    • Two years experience as a Stormwater Manager
    • Five years experience designing city parks, drainage improvements, parking lots, street overlay and deep patch projects, and various other city projects
    • Five years of experience reviewing Large Scale Developments, Non-Large Scale Developments, proposed Subdivisions, Lot Splits, and various other projects
  • Experience in inspecting construction sites for compliance before, during, and after development
  • Experience updating, reviewing, and writing ordinance at a municipal level

Professional Organizations

  • Northwest Representative – Arkansas Floodplain Management Association, Inc – Board of Directors (Sep 2016 – Sep 2018)

Professional Designations

  • Certified Floodplain Manager
  • Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional
  • FEMA Hazus-MH Professional
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Technician
  • Notary Public

The 2018 Campaign Platform

Infrastructure: The aging infrastructure in South Fayetteville must be aggressively improved. Items such as streets, sidewalks, drainage systems, and trail systems must be improved or built to ensure that a growing city is keeping up. While other wards have residents that show up to City Council meetings to demand that new sidewalks are not built, an outdated policy ensures that each ward only receives 25% of the budget for improvements. Being in the largest ward in Fayetteville, I will demand equity within our ward to ensure that our systems are properly improved and maintained, so that poor infrastructure does not continue to damage our South Fayetteville economy.

Parks:  Like our infrastructure in Ward 1, our community parks in South Fayetteville are often the last to be repaired, and the last to be improved. Community Parks such as Bayarri Park, Greathouse Park, and Finger Park have immediate maintenance needs. In addition, we must begin the process of upgrading all of our City Parks to ensure they are ADA compliant, so that all residents have accessibility. Regional Parks, such as Kessler Mountain Regional Park and Lake Sequoyah Park must also be a top priority. Regional Parks stimulate the local economy, and further the growth of local businesses. Kessler must be finished. Lake Sequoyah must be improved.

Equality: This message is clear. All citizens of Fayetteville, regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other item that makes us unique or different from our neighbors, are and should be treated as equal. Period. Additionally, for residents to achieve equality, they must have access to the tools to make them successful, such as Affordable Housing, economic opportunities, and a Municipal ID system to support various members of the community and local businesses.

2018 Campaign Endorsements

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